About the Founder

Neville Rustomjee is the founder and President of ArchSol Design. With over seventeen years in the architectural profession, he is uniquely qualified to integrate passive solar design and active solar systems into buildings. He is passionate about living responsibly in the 21st century, and would like to share his sustainable design expertise on how to reduce one's impact on the earth.

Qualifications, Education, & Certifications:

Architecture Degree

  • Neville has a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Virginia Tech which has one of the highest rated architectural design schools in the nation. In addition, he graduated with a minor in Interior Design.
  • Registered Architect, State of Colorado - Neville has passed all his professional exams and is a licensed architect in the State of Colorado.

Solar Degrees

  • Neville has received a Solar PV and a Solar Thermal degree from Red Rocks Community College. Both are two-year Associates of Science (AAS) Degrees.
  • North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP)
    Neville has passed the NABCEP 'Certificate of Knowledge' examination.
  • Certificate in Electrical Installation
    Neville has met the requirements of this certification issued from Red Rocks Community College.
  • Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)
    Neville has acquired a 10-hour OSHA card stating he has been trained in the hazards associated with construction activities.