Commercial Building Types

Commercial Buildings cover a wide spectrum of buildings, and besides residential homes, they are the most abundant form of building. Corporate Centers; Office Buildings; Banks; Country Clubs; Hotel / Resort complexes; and mixed-use buildings; all fall in this category. Each sub-category has a different end-use, and as such, presents a unique programmatic and design challenge. One thing they have in common is that most of them are providing a service to the general public or to a specific segment of society. The image of a commercial building should be matched to the user of these services. ArchSol Design is experienced to create the appropriate corporate image suited to each business. Archsol Design has worked on a large variety of commercial buildings, and can assist you with the successful completion of your project.

Villa Erques Resort, Tenerife
This was a large resort set on the beautiful island of Tenerife, off the coast of Spain. The site was extremely steep and site design became a key component of the design process.
Hotel Proposal, Arlington, Virginia

Feasibility study showing main entry lobby (including support services); typical upper floor plan; typical guest room layout; parking layout; and site plan.

Washington Golf & Country Club, Arlington, Virginia.
Addition, facade improvements, and extensive interior remodeling.
Riverview Point Corporate Center, Mesa, Arizona
Two class-A office buildings with LEED certification, and site master plan for future buildings.
Enron Corporate Office, London, U.K.
Interior packages for a new six-story office building (floor plans; finish plans; modular furniture layout; ceiling finish plans; lighting layout; and hardware schedule/specifications).
General Dynamics, Centennial, Colorado
Office remodel involving SCIF (Sensitive Information Compartmented Facility) construction. Entire floor in an existing office building was gutted and a new office layout meeting the client's needs was built. Construction detailing met the high security requirements of SCIFs.
Hilltop Mesa Office Center, Littleton, Colorado
Three new mixed-use office buildings with adjacent warehouse space.
1st Bank, Denver, Colorado.
Several bank branches around the Denver metropolitan area.
Craven Tires, Fairfax Station, Virginia.
Study of expanding the business into an adjacent store.

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