Building Types

ArchSol Design has been involved with a wide variety of projects including:

Health Care:
Hospitals, Medical Office Buildings, Recreation and Rehabilitation Centers.
From large anchor stores in malls to small strip mall shops.
Office Buildings; Bank Branch Offices; Resort Hotel Complexes; Country Clubs; Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF's); and Restaurants.
Courthouses; Police Headquarters; Detention Facilities; General Service Administration (GSA) government buildings; Town Squares; and airport remodel work.
Christian Churches; Jewish Mikvah's; and Zoroastrian Centers of worship.
Large residential condominium projects; single-family detached home developments; and custom homes.

Each building type presents its own unique set of challenges. Residential homes are the simplest in terms of construction, yet present special considerations that need to be addressed. They are the most personal form of building and their owners have a deep connection and stake in their outcome. Hospitals can often be the most complex of building types, and deal with additional building & life-safety codes and health care guidelines. The design team is quite elaborate and coordination between all the engineers, consultants, hospital department committees, and hospital board and administration staff is critical to the successful design and construction of a hospital. A client needs to hire an architect that is familiar with these special considerations, and ArchSol Design has the experience to do so.