Institutional Building Types

Institutional Buildings are civic buildings that can be publicly or privately funded.

Government Institutional Buildings include City Halls; Court Houses; Judicial Centers; Police Headquarters; Detention Facilities; Military Bases; Transportation Terminals (airports, railway stations, and bus stations); and Educational Facilities.

Private Institutional Buildings include Museums; Art Galleries; Cultural Centers; and Scientific Campuses.

Institutional Buildings are often grand in design and subject to a lot of public scrutiny and input during their design process. These buildings often have public accessible spaces and private staff spaces. Often an equal amount of space is devoted to each of these users, though the design and materials used may differ quite dramatically. Court houses, police facilities, and detention facilities have a third component, which involves the housing and movement of people held in custody. The use of sally ports, secure corridors, holding areas, and detention rooms, all play a part in the design. Life safety is a special consideration in these types of facilities since egress must be carefully orchestrated in the event of a fire or other emergency. ArchSol Design has the expertise to work with institutions of all kinds, and to ensure that the design deals with all these interrelated components.

Municipal Courthouse, Colorado Springs, Colorado.
General Service Administration (GSA), Washington, DC.
VOA Studios / Offices; Naval Observatory (several projects); Potomac Annex - Additions / Interior remodel to historic buildings for the Navy's Bureau of Medicine.
Fredericksburg Market Square, Fredericksburg, Virginia.
Historic town square design.
Heathrow Airport Terminal Three, London, England.
Departures Terminal upgrades.
Metro Canopy Competition, Washington, DC.
Design competition of escalator canopies.
Shreveport Police Headquarters Masterplan, Shreveport, Louisiana.
Schematic Design.
Rosenburg Police Headquarters Proposal, Rosenburg, Texas.
Survey, Interviews, Program Development, and Schematic Design.
Plymouth County Correctional Facility, Plymouth, Massachusetts.
Large new facility. Gross area = 370,000 Sq. Ft.
Bureau of Prisons / Immigration Detention Center, Eloy, Arizona.
Large new facility. Gross area = 142,600 Sq. Ft.
New Jersey Immigration Detention Facility, Elizabeth, New Jersey
New facility. Gross area = 93,714 Sq. Ft.

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