Religious Building Types

Religious Buildings elevated buildings from mere shelters to works of art. A building that houses our very faith has to reflect the highest standards that man can achieve. The towering Egyptian pyramids; massive masonry blocks of the Stonehenge; luminous cathedrals of Europe; intricately carved stone temples in India; and grand mosques in Turkey; were all inspired by religion. Besides their large scale, religious buildings utilize natural light in unique ways to capture the sentiment of spirituality. They provide large open spaces for communal prayers, as well as, small niches for personal reflection and meditation. Entering a religious building should encourage people to forget their worldly problems, and transform their thoughts to the contemplation of something that is larger than life itself. Neville's university thesis involved research into the development of Zoroastrian Fire Temples through the ages. He incorporated the essential architectural features with ritualistic requirements to come up with a new and unique expression for this building type. An excerpt of his thesis has been printed in a national publication.

Archsol Design has the experience and passion for religious buildings. We would very much like to partner with various religious communities to give life to their vision and mission.

Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, McLean, Virginia.
Large addition to an existing church.
St. Christopher's Episcopal Church, Springfield, Virginia.
Addition to a small church.
Chabad Orthodox Jewish Mikvah, Fairfax, Virginia.
Design of a Jewish communal pool complex.
Zoroastrian Fire Temple

Architectural thesis printed in a national publication.
Served as a design consultant to a local architect designing Washington DC’s Zoroastrian Center.
Served as a design consultant to European Zarathushti Trust’s Fire Temple Committee.

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