Residential Building Types

Residential Buildings are often the easiest building type to construct from a technical standpoint. However, they are buildings that people spend the most time in, and hence have a deep impact on our lives. Cookie cutter 'one size fits all' offerings from developers can't be described as homes, they are merely shelters with a roof and four walls. Every family's lifestyle and preferences are unique. People wake up at different times, utilize certain rooms within the house at different times, and have different preferences in terms of style. Some parents want their room close to their kids, others want it as far as possible (especially teenagers)! Some people want more natural light in their rooms and like being more public, others like a darker cozier room with more privacy. Only a custom designed home can come close to fulfilling a family's needs to truly call it a home. An architect can sit down with each family member (individually), and then with the entire family (collectively), to develop a program for the home. Wants and needs are tabulated and prioritized, and then compromises have to be made based on the budget and other considerations. Without having an understanding of how a particular family lives, one simply cannot design a home. The working relationship between the architect and the client is key to the successful completion of a home. You want an architect who will listen to your needs, and help formulate and design a home you can be proud off.

Archsol Design strives to design homes for their clients that addresses their unique circumstances and personality. We encourage our clients to use our expertise in passive and active solar strategies to reduce their energy footprint and save money. We can help find sustainable and locally sourced materials for your home.

Contemporary Architect's House, Chicago, Illinois.
7000 Sq. Ft. home design and model.
Horseranch Housing Development, Snowmass, Colorado.
35 new homes.
Kings Road Development, London, England.
Large residential development, 350,000 Sq. Ft.
Cherry Creek Drive South Apartments, Denver, Colorado.
New apartment complex.
Apartment Remodel, Chicago, Illinois.
Demolition of existing walls and construction of a new layout in a Lake Shore Drive apartment building.

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