Retail Building Types

Retail Buildings are posters for the business they shelter. They convey a message to the public, just like a brand does. The image of a retail building should be appropriate for the target audience. If the brand targets a younger demographic, then a contemporary and fun design can attract this group to your store. If your target audience is a more mature consumer, then the store's image can be classical and sophisticated. ArchSol Design has the experience to provide the appropriate visual character for a specific business. We have worked on large mall anchor store projects, where the flexibility is somewhat restricted by the mall and store guidelines. We have also worked on smaller retail buildings where the client can be more creative and flexible in the store's design. Whether it is a new building; an addition to an existing building; an exterior facade update; or an interior remodel; ArchSol Design can guide you through the process.

Large Anchor Stores in malls:

Foley's Stores (formerly part of the May Group, & now part of Macy's)

New building shell, steel, & interior packages, and additions & remodels for:

  • Arlington Mall, Arlington, Texas.
  • Barton Creek Square, Austin, Texas.
  • Highland Mall, Austin, Texas.
  • Post Oak Mall, College Station, Texas.
  • Southglenn Mall, Littleton, Colorado.
  • Aurora Mall, Aurora, Colorado.
  • Westminster Mall, Westminster, Colorado.
Robinson's Stores (formerly part of the May Group, & now part of Macy's)

New building shell, steel, & interior packages for:

  • Arrowhead Mall, Glendale, Arizona.
  • Fashion Square Mall, Scottsdale, Arizona

Stand-alone Stores & stores in strip-malls:

Criterion Shopping Center, Denver, Colorado
Exterior facade upgrades to modernize existing buildings.
Strip-mall Shopping Centers, Chicago, Illinois
New shopping centers and site plan proposals

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